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How to prevent the screen on Android from automatically turning off

Something that has surely happened to most users on Android has happened on occasion, is that they are using the phone, but after a few seconds doing nothing, the screen turns off automatically. So if you want to use it again, you will have to enter the pattern or password again. This is something that in many cases can be annoying.

But the truth is that in Android we have the possibility of adjust the time we want that screen to stay on. The operating system gives us this possibility very simply. So it may be interesting for us to modify this on the device.

Normally, a screen automatically turns off quickly as a way to save energy. We already know that the screen is what consumes the most energy in an Android phone. Something that users seek to combat with many tricks, such as the use of some wallpapers. Therefore, setting the time that the screen will remain on is something that can help in this regard as well.

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But what should not happen is that this function affects the use and experience of using an Android phone. Since nobody wants the screen to turn off every so often, and then have to re-enter the pattern or password of the phone. Therefore, we can adjust the time we want to pass until the screen turns off. This is something possible on the smartphone itself, so it is not complicated.

Adjust the time the screen stays on on Android

Android screen idle time

In this sense, the first thing we have to do is Open the settings of our Android smartphone. Within them we have a series of sections. Normally, we have one that is the screen, which is what we have to enter. Although this depends on each layer of customization. In any case, you must access the section that contains the settings that refer to the phone screen.

Within these settings is a section in which determine the time that has to go until the screen turns off. Depending on the Android model you have, the name may vary. In some models it is called Rest, in others Suspension time, while others use names like Suspend after … But in all cases it is clear that it is the section that interests us in this case.

Clicking on this section should leave a series of options. This is the time we can choose to keep the phone screen on. This means that after a certain time without activity, the screen will turn off. The time intervals shown may vary from phone to phone. The important thing is to choose one that fits what we are looking for, that we do not want to turn off too quickly. Therefore, choose options such as 2 minutes, for example. What allows you to use the screen on Android without problems.

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