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how to find your lost phone

Voice assistants have marked a before and after in the audio sector. Yes, solutions such as Google Assistant or Alexa, have caused dozens of manufacturers have decided to integrate this solutions into their products. Smart speakers are here to stay, but taking into account the low price of the Google Home or Amazon Alexa.

We talk about gadgets that make our lives much easier. Especially if we know those voice commands from Google Home or Amazon Echo that will help us make the most of these fun devices. Yes, there are commands that are really silly, but others may be much more useful than you think. Especially if you are a very clueless person.

Let's put ourselves in situation: you have the phone in silence, since you are tired of hearing the constant whistle of notifications. The problem is that you don't remember where you left it. And, as is logical, no matter how many times you call yourself to locate where the blessed device is, the phone has the speaker muted, so you can do little. Unless you have a Google Home smart speaker.

Google Home

Yes, Google Home is your best ally to find your lost phone

And, through a simple voice command, you can activate an alarm on your phone that will help you locate it as soon as possible. You can rest easy, since this Google Home order will make your smart speaker "force" your smartphone to ring. Regardless of whether it is silent, the device will ring.

To do this, the only thing you have to do is, activate the speaker and say «Where is my cell phone?«. The first thing Google's voice assistant will do is ask what phone you are referring to. That is usual if you have several devices linked to the intelligent speaker of the giant based in Mountain View. You just have to indicate the model you can't find. The next thing your Google Home will do is ask yourself if you want to make it sound. D that s and the alarm start to do its job so you can find your device quickly and easily.

As you could see, it is one of the tricks for Google Home Easier to perform. And its usefulness will get you out of more than a hurry. The house has just been removed in search of your smartphone!