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Gtunes Music, download and play music for free

If you are one of those people who love to connect their smartphone to headphones and not stop listening to music, Gtunes Music you will like it since download and play music totally free.

The best thing about Gtunes Music is its good repertoire, thanks to a very wide search engine, and the possibility to download the songs to our Android device.

The most annoying part of the application is that has a lot of publicity, toll that we have to pay for the fact of being completely free.

9 websites to download free and legal music

Gtunes Music is not currently in the official Google Play Store, so we will have to search it online and download it from websites specialized in applications that are trusted. We leave you one of those examples.

  1. Download Gtunes Music for Android


Something that we must notify you is that with terminals already updated to Android 10 It has not worked as it should, having download issues Several songs to the smartphone.

How Gtunes Music works

The way Gtunes Music works is very easy to use.

Once downloaded the apk file, we just have to install it on our Android device.

Now when opening the application we see several sections in the application:

  1. Look for: It is the part where we have to write the music we want to look for.
  2. Downloads: It is the place where we will see everything we are downloading or have already downloaded.
  3. Library: Here we have all the music files that are in our smartphone.

How to make videos with photos and music

The first thing we will do is write in the section Look for that music we want to hear.

Image - Gtunes Music, download and play free music

When you have already found all the options of that music that we have asked for, just click on the song that we want and we will skip another screen where we can listen to the theme music that we have chosen or download it on our smartphone, pressing on the button Download.