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Google Keep officially introduces the dark mode

Google Keep

Google Keep has become one of the most popular applications on Android. You can take full advantage of all kinds of tricks, which allow a better use of it. A few weeks ago, at the end of March, it was commented that the application was already preparing to introduce the dark mode into it.

The moment has arrived, because there are users who they are getting this dark mode on Google Keep. Google has been introducing this mode a lot in its applications, so the notes app is the most recent of them to have access to this new feature. We can already see how it looks.

Dark mode is introduced in version of Google Keep. Although this version of the application has not been officially launched yet in the Play Store. It should not take too long to reach it, but it is something we have to wait a bit. Although the APK of it can already be downloaded on various web pages.

Google Keep Dark Mode

The way to activate the dark mode is not going to be complicated. We just have to do it from the application settings. By doing this, the application interface is completely transformed into a dark tone. Also the notes will be transformed at that time and change color.

The dark mode continues to gain presence in Android applications. Google Keep is the most recent of the firm, although in these coming months we can expect it to be launched in more applications, not just those of Google. The operating system itself will also introduce it with Android Q.

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If you use Google Keep on your Android phone, it shouldn't take long to get this update. Surely in a couple of days you will start launching the majority, because there are already some (few) users who have access to it.

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