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Google Home is updated to let you change the color of the bulbs

Google Home is updated to let you change the color of the bulbs

A few weeks ago Google completely redesigned the Google Home application to integrate all the home automation management that Google’s assistant was able to manage. In this way we did not have to enter each of the applications of the different manufacturers to interact with them.

In my case I stopped having to enter the Meross or Yeelight apps except for very specific things. One of those was to change the color of smart LED bulbs. Yes, we could turn them on and off, even control the intensity, but not change the color. Google has now updated its Home app to allow us that.

Change the color of the lights with the app or with the voice

We must make it clear that the novelty is that we can modify the color of the bulbs by touching on the screen thanks to a new adjustment since with the voice it was possible to change the color, although in a limited way.

In the interface of each bulb now a new button will appear called Color that will show us, when we press it, a menu of colors so that we choose the one that will use the bulb. We will have nothing less than 42 different options, many more than we can activate with voice.

There are still pending improvements, such as telling us in which color a light is active or letting us choose the color from a circular selector to get more out of the thousands of colors that LED lights can show.

The version of the application that activates this new function is 2.9 but the APK has not yet been filtered so we must wait for it to be updated through the Google Play Store, where it is being sent although in waves since we have not yet We have received it.


The APK is now available to download.