Huawei P10 Plus frontal

Good for Huawei, the P10 also receive Android 9

Huawei P10 Plus front

Today we have known good news for huawei users that keep smartphones with some years of use. The Huawei P10 was an impressive phone when it hit the market. A phone that attracted attention at its launch and has offered very high performance. But what after two later versions like the P20 and the recent P30 could have fallen into oblivion. Huawei has wanted this not to be the case and offers continuity with the new updates.

On several occasions we have commented that acquiring a top-of-the-range smartphone from another year is a good option to have a powerful phone without spending much. And Huawei, thanks to its excellent update policy of its previous terminals, proves us right. After two transcendent updates for many aspects the P10 will not grow old thanks to the updates. The same goes for the second Huawei firm, since the Honor 8X will also receive update of the new version of Android.

EMUI 9.0.1 will not be exclusive to the new Huawei

The new version of Huawei's own operating system, based on Android 9 Pie, will be available for the latest models. But too will be for devices with some years old since its launch. Excellent news for Huawei users who will see how their devices will continue to be updated for at least one full year. That way we see how a phone launched in 2017 still has the latest software. Contradicting thus theories of other manufacturers that view the Huawei maneuver sound more and more excuses.

Global Honor 8X version receives Android Pie under EMUI 9

The Huawei P10 is an example of a smartphone can be perfectly compatible with updates, even two years later. At its launch it had the EMUI 5.1 operating system based on Android 7 Nougat. And going through another previous update based on Android 8 Oreo, we see how it will also have the most current version. Up to three versions of Android running smoothly on the same terminal.

A great job by Huawei in the updates. Not only for having devices with more than two years that other firms leave in oblivion. But for getting your customization layer EMUI optimizes masterfully so that it can work in the same way on a newly launched smartphone and one that arrived in 2017. For this, as we say in the post title, we congratulate Huawei. And we hope it will serve as an example for many other firms.

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