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Flip Flop and the crazy goat that has to climb to the summits

Crazy Goat

Flip Flop is a casual well done in which we must help the goat, and another bunch of characters, to ascend a mountain, which luckily for us, has an end.

A casual game of those to hook, which has a good visual style and enough elements so that the games are not so easy. Although, to tell the truth, the first levels will be very easy. Luckily they force us to have to do them again to unlock chests and some more things. Let's see what this game called Flip Flop is about and that it recently landed at the Android store.

An addictive casual

In Flip Flop we must help that crazy goat to ascend a summit in which we will find many objects. Simply press one side or another of the screen to ascend diagonally to the left or right. That is, we only have two movements available.

Flip flop

In this way we must assault the summits with the crazy goat that will be found from coins to collect to those skewers that will take us to the end of the game. We will also find hallucinogenic mushrooms, which alter the movement, or those chests in which we must hit a limit number of times to release that much-missed treasure.

The more coins, the more options we have for unlock new characters and to encourage the trick in a game very similar to the one that Platonic Games launched a couple of years ago, a Madrid studio that launches high quality casual games. This one is called Happy Hop: Kawaii Jump and is practically the same as Flip Flop.

Unlock more characters in Flip Flop

The ability to unlock more characters is one of the flip flops, and we can tell you that there is the most varied. You can yourself become a floppy disk of those that were used in the first generation of desktop computers. So to get a lot of coins and try your luck in that usual porridge in this type of games that encourage you to continue playing and playing.

Casual Flip Flop

What we like about Flip Flop is that the levels have an end and that you have a lot of them at your disposal. For example, you will find a chest that you should hit 100 times to release your reward. What happens that since you will not have much time to hit him with the antler of your goat, you will have to repeat the level, since here we cannot stop because only an avalanche of land will take us to the end of the game.

What surprises us is that It is not translated into Spanish when the game page on Google Play is and well translated. Be that as it may, nothing happens, since the gameplay quickly leads you to understand the entire game and more or less we are facing some mechanical views in many other games.

A casual game

Flip Flop is a game that is very well done and that leads us to play one game after another. It is the same as always and what we have become accustomed to with this freemium games. So if you are looking for a new one for those moments of boredom and boredom at the bus stop, It is more than enough.


Technically well worked and we highlight the visual aspect, the design of the characters and those sounds that give the necessary effect so that a good gaming experience is generated. Flip Flop is well endowed in all its aspects and this shows as soon as we play our first game.