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First photo of the ads that WhatsApp introduce next year

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<p>Last year began the first rumors about the introduction of advertising on WhatsApp. A short time later it was confirmed that the messaging app would have these ads in 2019. So far, there have been many rumors about them, but we now have the first images about the <strong>how these ads will be seen within the application</strong> Courier Some ads that reach their states.</p>
<p>It seems that the arrival of the ads to WhatsApp has been delayed. As <strong>2020 is now spoken as a date</strong> in which they will be introduced in it. We do not know if it will finally be that way, but at least we can see the first photos on how they will be integrated into the app’s states.</p><div class=

These ads will be introduced within the states. In addition, a better integration with its other platforms, Facebook and Instagram, is also sought. This was something that was already known, but that seems to be advancing in these months. Ads may also be used on WhatsApp to promote pages on social networks.


The idea is that there are ads on the platforms, which allow you to enter the app. In addition, in the case of ads in the messaging application, they would be ads that take us to the website of a particular brand. It seems, at least for now, that It would be a similar operation to Instagram stories.

The introduction of advertising on WhatsApp is something that has been generating debate for months. On the one hand, it is a logical decision of Facebook, which seeks a way to monetize the application, which is a showcase for brands, because it has 1,500 million users. Although his bet to use ads does not like many.

Especially if these ads are too frequent, it is possible that there are WhatsApp users who are not satisfied. So there could be some that end up passing to one of its competitors, such as Telegram. In 2020, when it seems now that the ads will be introduced in the app, we will leave doubts.

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