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First look at the look of Command & Conquer Remastered as you remember

EA has shared a brief excerpt of Command & Conquer Remastered game, which gives us the first look at the moving remaster. Highly detailed modern sprites seem the perfect combination between modernized images and at the same time remain true to the original aesthetics. Look at yourself here!

Old-school players rejoiced last year when it was learned that one of the grandparents of the real-time strategy genre will receive remastering treatment. Command & Conquer has had an impact on the RTS genre as few, but the series became extinct in recent years. Electronic Arts has tried to rejuvenate the franchise with Command & Conquer Rivals for mobile devices, but failed to impress new players or previous generations.

After years of being inactive, EA has decided to give the series a second chance to remaster the first Command & Conquer and the equally iconic Red Alert. While we previously saw the direction that Command & Conquer Remastered was taking, today, finally, we see it much better in the form of a short video. There are also two animated comparison shots on the game's website that you should check to see how deep the improvements are compared to the originals from the mid-90s.

It's great that EA chose high-fidelity 2D instead of 3D, since Command & Conquer Remastered will stay true to the originals in this way. Similar to Microsoft, it has gone with the excellent Age of Empires remasters. And when delivering the remastering project to former Westwood developers, the likelihood of the project being as authentic as possible is quite high. Moreover, for the unconditional fans who want the original look of the 90s, the developers have confirmed that with the remasters they will have a simple switch that allows players to quickly switch between improved images and originals in the game.