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Essential Phone closes 2017 with less than 100,000 units sold


Why does the Essential Phone not take off?

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February 13, 2018

new essential phone terminals

2018 continues its course, and among the novelties that we are seeing in tablets and smartphones, we find little by little with the results that are offered by the companies that manufacture both media and that correspond to 2017. The last terminal of which some have been known Data has been Essential Phone, which came with some criticism in late summer.

During the past year, this device, which began to attract attention as a creation of some of the parents of Android, gradually revealed its features until it was officially launched. However, it seems that the guarantee that should have given him the fact of being a work of the most used software developers in the world, does not seem to have been enough for this phablet to finish taking off. Here we tell you more about their sales data and we will see what is hidden behind them.

The numbers

According to the IDC consultancy and as collected from PhoneArena, only a few were sold 88,000 units of the mobile created by Andy Rubin. This would mean that its passage through the market, unless important developments occur, is merely testimonial, and more if we take into account that in 2017, approximately 1.5 billion smartphones were sold worldwide. Could its launch in August have been a conditioner?

new essential phone devices

Essential Phone competes in a saturated segment

Among the possible causes of this warm reception, we can find the price of the device, which ranges between 500 and 700 dollars depending on the version. On the other hand, you also have to take into account its scope of distribution, reaching only a handful of markets among which the United States would stand out. Although this area is key, in it, a group of firms with Apple and Samsung at the head are those that are distributed to consumers. In addition, a third factor would come into play: The fact that in the most basic of the high range, a multitude of technicians, especially Chinese, have stepped on the accelerator and have launched a series of models capable of competing even against those of the firms historically present in this segment as Sony.

The possible claims

These data do not seem to stop the progress of Essential Phone, which in 2018 could see a successor of which at the moment, only some rumors have appeared about a possible high IP certification. To this is added the commercialization of modules such as the camera, which would give the support the possibility of taking photos in 4K and 360º. What do you think of this smartphone? Do you think your future can be complicated if we take into account the current circumstances of the sector? We leave you available related information such as a list of high-end Chinese phablets so you can comment.