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eBay for iPad Updates to Version 1.5


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The famous bidding portal is no stranger to iPad fashion and greatly improves its application for the Apple tablet.

eBay is one of the iPad applications related to the bidding portal, in this case it is the official application of the owners of the buying and selling portal.

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It still does not have all the features of the Ebay Mobile application for other devices, but the developers are making great progress in the iPad version, so that it becomes such a good user experience or better to buy from the web itself.

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Among the improvements and new features of version 1.5 are the following:

  • Category Navigation
  • Saved searches (press the star you see on the search result)
  • Notices when a saved search finds new items
  • Email Forwarding
  • Reminders
  • Purchase of products with multiple variants
  • Compatibility with the Best offer option
  • Ability to mark items as Sent
  • Ability to remove multiple items from the watchlist
  • Improvements in My eBay
  • Improvements in the article view screen
  • Recent article improvements
  • Best Search Results
  • Better display of offers
  • Correction of various bugs

We must also emphasize that The application is in 100% Spanish.

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So if you are one of those who are hooked on eBay purchases, because you did not try to do it from the iPad and you told us the experience in the comments.

The application eBay for iPad is already available in the App Store totally free.

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