Sebastian Jimenez

Dreams Developer hopes to expand the past PlayStation game

An ambition of a different level.

Dreams It is looking to be one of the most ambitious projects to be launched in quite a while. Be a combination of both a game creation engine and a game itself when everything goes on sale. But it's not the only ambition that the developer Media Molecule apparently has for the game, since they eventually want to get him out of the PlayStation.

In an interview with GamesIndustry, Kareem Ettouney was asked about eventually bringing the game to something like the PC or Mac due to the nature of the creation behind the software. Surprisingly, he was very open to the idea, saying he hopes to expand the capacity and scope of Dreams As time passes, although, of course, depend on many factors.

"Our goal for Dreams is to last 20 years, and keep expanding it and keep adding it and keep improving it.

"But most of the PlayStation model is designed for a game to come out, hit the market and get the most out of its earnings in the first week, you know? If it's a great game, survive for maybe two or three sequels.

"We need to reach [an audience] and then grow. But it is definitely in our dreams to make Pro versions that expand. It just depends on many things that work for us.

Media Molecule is owned by Sony, so it is obviously the biggest obstacle to the idea. Of course, Sony has mentioned that they have at least a 10-year plan for the title, so it is also unfeasible that they can investigate something like this later. Only time dir. Although, of course, Dreams It has to be officially launched first before going anywhere.