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Dark Zone Defense put you before a flashlight, your weapon and the darkness

Dark Zone Defense is a new Android game in which you must defend that area where darkness prevails and in which your flashlight will help you discover those monsters and ghosts that comes for you.

With a good number of weapons you can defend yourself against those horrendous bugs that will stalk you in the dark, so get ready for a game in which the adrenaline increases by leaps and bounds as the seconds go by. Especially with that sound that puts the right tension.

The lantern and the dark

Just have a flashlight and dive into a deep darkness, so that any strange sound generates in us that point of tension that leads us to get nervous. If we begin to see unclean beings approach, we will take what we have in hand to defend ourselves. And if in Dark Zone Defense we have flamethrowers, shotguns and another variety of weapons, at least, we will feel a little safer.


And this is what this game called Dark Zone Defense for Android is about, defend ourselves in the darkness of those horrifying beings that come to us at different speeds, which will allow us to make 360 ??degree turns to be able to shoot them according to the proximity of each one. Since luckily, although many monsters stalk us, we can have seconds to think which one to attack.

So we will have different levels that we have to complete to move on to the next and get different skills, weapons and enhancers. From the flamethrower to the possibility of increasing the viewing distance of that flashlight that will allow us to continue living in the wake of those beings of other dimensions.

Numerous enemies and weapons in Dark Zone Defense

The best thing about Dark Zone Defense is that we have a wide variety of weapons and abilities to unlock. In total they are more than 20 weapons and more than 50 skills that can generate different ways to play and face those hordes of ghosts, monsters with mucus stuck and assailants of darkness that will try to swell our teeth at any time.

The saw

There are also final bosses with whom we must fight and find the weapon that destroys them before reaching us. The crop is a weapon that we recommend you use for some, while the flamethrower will be worth to take away groups of ghosts in several seconds. The truth that knowing well the different weapons we have will mean that we can progress, so experiment with them.

In Dark Zone Defense We are not facing a game translated into Spanish, but just as it happened with the last one that has gone through our review, it will be quite easy to get used to it, since everything is presented quite visually so that we understand it. In the end, here it goes riddling a lot of monsters, so the icons know how to differentiate between what a machine gun is and what a cropped one is.

A freemium game not so freemium

Another point of Dark Zone Defense is that It doesn't seem to be so freemium. That is, we can practically play several games without feeling overwhelmed by advertising. We almost have to say that we have not seen it present, so for now, as long as it does not change, to enjoy it has been said with a casual and entertaining game in which we will have a lot of variety of monsters, weapons, skills …


Technically it's pretty good and the monster design as the effects of the different weapons give the stature to enjoy every time we unlock a new weapon. The sound is also curved and it is quite important that we be attentive and know how to differentiate the one that makes each of the bugs. Another trick, look carefully at the visual warnings of our robot drone, as it indicates the alert about what kind of monster is launched towards us.

Dark Zone Defense is an entertaining and well made game for Android with which you can enjoy for many hours. If you get hooked you will go far, since it has enough levels and a wide variety of content to make this happen.