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Amazon Kindle Fire will receive new versions with improved resolution and design

At the time, Amazon made many headlines after launching its range of Kindle Fire tablets, and for many reasons. For starters, there was the controversial decision not to include the official Android store, Google Play, and make other modifications that have made them not be considered ?real? Android devices (in fact they do not appear on Google lists). But on the other hand, they were discovered as cheap devices that allowed you to buy and enjoy the best of the online store. However, times have changed, and since they came out, many competitors with similar sizes and better prices and features have appeared on the market. Amazon is no longer as competitive in the tablet market, and therefore it is logical that they are preparing a renewal.

We are talking about three tablets that, according to the BGR website, are in preparation to retake the lights. The first tablet will be the substitute for the Kindle Fire, which will remain seven inches but will win more resolution until reaching 1280 x 800, a figure similar to that of the current Kindle Fire HD. And speaking of the Kindle Fire HD, this will also suffer an increase in resolution, reaching 1920 x 1200 pixels on a seven-inch screen. Finally, a version of the Kindle Fire HD 8.9 inch It will have a resolution of no less than 2560 x 1600 pixels, really high figures that they put it at the height of the best thing in the current market. It is clear that it will be the most expensive, but with such a high pixel density it is expected to be worthwhile.

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<p>The increase in resolution will not be the only novelty of these tablets. <strong>The design of the carcass itself will also change, and abandon the rounded shapes for more angular and straight ones.</strong>. The power and volume buttons change position to the back of the case. The other great improvement we know is lightness, which will be much better than in current models. As regards the price, <strong>Amazon</strong> He wants to keep them at the same level as the current models, although this is a detail that is still in the air.</p>
<p>We do not have photos (those that adorn this article are those of their predecessors) or anything else than this information, but what is certain is that when these tablets are officially announced they will become very desired, and it would not surprise us that <strong>Appear after summer, just in time for the Christmas campaign.</strong></p>
<p>Source | BGR</p>