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Amazon Fire 7 Tablet Review

Hard to beat the price, easy to beat the product.

Amazon Fire 7 tablet (2019) $ 50

The good

  • Generous with expandable memory
  • Reasonably fully equipped for the price
  • Alexa hands-free support works as advertised

The bad

It still feels a bit slow despite the updated processor

  • Poor battery life
  • Ads appear on the lock screen thanks to The line background; It's hard to hate Amazon's newest and cheapest tablet, but you should seriously consider other options if you can.

A fully functional tablet, with access to most of the applications and features you would expect, for only $ 50?

If such a thing existed, it would probably come with a lot of annoying warnings to justify its absurdly low price.

Well, Amazon recently updated its Fire 7 tablet for 2019, adding some impressive points to the budget tablet's feature set.

For $ 50, you can get more storage space, a faster processor and Alexa hands-free support. Sounds great, right?


All that is technically true. After using the 16GB Fire 7 tablet provided by Amazon, we can confirm that almost everything in the product description is accurate.

That said, anyone in the market for a tablet should at least consider other options before opting for the Fire 7 just for its attractive price.

What's new?

As stated earlier, this is a product update instead of a completely new Fire tablet.

The new Fire 7 has twice the default storage this time, with the $ 50 model that comes with … 16GB of memory.

Not the most, but again, $ 50. It can increase up to 32 GB for $ 70 and supports microSD cards up to 512 GB in size.

The amount of expandable memory is a really nice touch

Especially considering the frequency with which microSD cards go on sale. Hell, I could even have a spare out there that I could use.

The last great addition to the new Fire 7 is Alexa hands-free support. I am pleased to report that it works exactly as you would expect.

Say "Alexa" near the tablet and the virtual ears of the virtual assistant will be animated, so you can ask about the weather without pressing the start button.