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A camera on the Apple Watch bracelet

If the Apple Watch ever gets a camera, it could end up on the bracelet.


He has devised ways to add a camera to the portable device, according to a US patent application. UU. That was granted today.

The company has devised a novel solution: it consists of placing the camera module inside the flexible wristband of the product, giving you the freedom to aim the lens.

The patent application contains examples of the concept, which integrates the optical sensor at the end of the bracelet. While using the Apple Watch, you will use the other hand to hold the camera module and take photos by pressing an adjacent button.

Any image you captured would appear on the watch's main screen, which would act as a viewfinder.

To take photos with one hand

Apple's patent application proposes placing the camera module in a ?malleable? bracelet, which could be folded to rest the lens against the clock.

The concept would also allow you to take selfies. To do this, the bracelet could be equipped with two camera modules, one facing out and one facing in. Or the camera module could be built on a rotating hinge.

The patent

It was detected by 9to5Mac, it was introduced in September 2016. According to the presentation, the company designed the concept of technology so that consumers can rely more on the Apple Watch $ 399.00 at Walmart.

Of course

I could have chosen to place the camera on the body of the watch. However, Apple said this would force the user to "Awkward and awkward positions" When trying to take pictures.

"The arm of a user can also get tired while trying to record a video from the rigid camera of the smartwatch", The company added.

It is not yet known if Apple will use the concept. But the company routinely patents technologies that have not yet appeared in real products.