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Tor Browser now available on Android with the first stable version

Tor Browser is the most privacy-focused browser that you can have now and we have the first stable version for Android. A browser that is characterized by hiding your location by redirecting traffic to multiple proxy networks, while also blocking trackers.

I mean, that if you want to navigate completely anonymously, apart from other alternatives we have on Android, Tor Browser may be the best. What happens is that even this first stable version was only available in its desktop version.

It was already in September when we could put our hands on the first alpha version of Tor, so that we now have the stable version. One that is filed with those bugs and stability problems that populated that alpha.

Tow Browser on Android

And although it is not that full version of the desktop, it does have some very remarkable features to navigate Anonymously from our Android phone. Of course, it will be a matter of weeks and months that will be implementing the rest of the features and thus arrive at the same time as the desktop version at some point.

In this stable version of Tor Browser you can find two new features. One of them is the improvement in the interface and those new logos that we can find. So the user interface has been improved to generate a better experience. A new safety slider is also included and that we can find by itself by being separated from the Tor button.

A stable browser version Tor Browser which makes it easier to change security preferences and that leads us to one of the most important anonymous browsing experiences in the network of networks. We leave you with Firefox Send for anonymous sending of files.

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