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To vote and Already vote, the new Instagram stickers to celebrate the national elections of Argentina

These are the Instagram stickers that will be available to Argentine users during the national election day

Argentine users of
 they can share their experience in national elections with new
virtual stickers that can be used in publications in
Instagram Stories With designs that express the moment before and after the vote, the company presented the illustrations "To vote!" and "Already vote."

The exclusive stickers of the national elections in Argentina can already be used since Friday, October 25. According to Instagram, the first sticker expresses the intention of prior voting and seeks to foster the democratic commitment among its followers. On the other hand, the other option will be activated by double clicking on the sticker, and in this way the option "Already voted" will appear.

All users who use the To Vote and Already Voted label will be visible in the Stories Ring, where the productions that used these stickers are collectedAll users who use the A vote and Already vote tag will be visible in the Stories Ring, where the productions that used these stickers are collected

As with the use of these resources, the voting stickers available to Argentine Instagram users will be in the Stories Ring, the space that keeps track of all the people who have used these stickers to express themselves during the election day.

"Argentina is one of the most instagrammers countries in the region, with a very active community, especially at the civic level, being one of the most likely in the region to share content on this line," Instagram said in a statement commenting on the launch of this function for the election day, which will have to
# Elecciones2019 as the hashtag that collect user conversations on Instagram.