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Tips to fall in love with your Android after more than a year and a half of use


Tips to fall in love with your Android after more than a year and a half of use

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December 16, 2015

Nexus 6P case design

As with any potentially obsolete object, time makes a dent in smartphones and tablets, so that (always depending on the quality of the product and the blows it has taken) the logical thing is that we begin to notice a certain deterioration external and loss of benefits after several months. In this post we compile a series of ideas for reinvent the image of our terminal after a period of use and provide it with a new touch.

It is no longer just the aging of the device, but also a matter of personal satisfaction. How many times have we considered buying another mobile or tablet, although the one we have works perfectly, simply by changing or searching new sensations? However, the pocket does not always allow you to renew pots at the pace we would like.

These tips will make look at your team with other eyes, while recovering part of its benefits.

Reset factory data

The operating system Android (like everyone else) accumulates "crap" over the months. Unusable files, data from applications that we no longer use or even updates installed on more updates can make a terminal not able to show its best version. However, there is a latent potential that we can wake up, leaving the OS completely clean again.

Manufacturers screens

The first thing we recommend, however, is make a backup, because a smartphone or tablet is also part of our biography, and there will be many elements that we do not want to part with. When we are sure that we have set aside the important thing, we go to Settings> Backup> Factory data reset.

Change theme and icons

Provide you with a new look The interface is always interesting, especially if we like to unleash our creative side. In case of being more conservative, we have talked about ways to make Android look like Windows, to iOS 9 or even to Xiaomi customization. However, if you want something unique, you can use this tutorial.

Nexus 9 customization

Depending on the brand of the terminal we use and, with it, its graphic layer, use a launcher as Not going, based on a pure version of Android, you can get the system response to us remarkably softer.