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This is why Elon Musk destroys his smartphones on a regular basis.

Elon musk

As a general rule, when one acquires a smartphone, it is intended to last a couple of years. Although it is true that many lovers of technology usually change their smartphone every few minutes, as a general rule selling their previous device at a good price, There are some quite special users who have other more radical ways to change smartphone.

Elon Musk is one of them. Co-founder of PayPal or Tesla Motors among others, thanks to Bussines Insider we have learned that the famous entrepreneur regularly change mobile phone. The truth is that this is not something strange, not being the first person to acquire many phones on a regular basis, the funny thing is that it does it in a very particular way.

Instead of selling or even giving to someone known or familiar your old phone, the good of Elon prefers to destroy it so as not to leave evidence of its existence.

Very jealous of your privacy: Elon Musk prefers to destroy his phones from time to time

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<p>According to an employee of SpaceX, a company whose founder is Musk, the businessman regularly changes his mobile device for security reasons and to protect his confidential information. Although sometimes these devices are simply deleted and saved, <strong>most occasions are completely destroyed</strong>.</p>
<p><strong>Elon Musk doesn't want anything in his private or professional life to fall into the wrong hands</strong> – as happened to Andy Robin's good and the sexual scandal that splashed him. Nor does he want any type of information he can work on to seep through, so he prefers to cut off his old phones with reason and turn them into totally useless devices.</p>
<p>Although it may seem that Elon Musk behaves like a paranoid, the truth is that a person of his importance and with the information he manages cannot behave like any other user. Apparently, for Elon, any measure of protection seems small. What we don't know is what phones he has broken so far. Will they be iPhones or Android phones? Cheap or expensive?</p>
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