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These covers for the OnePlus 7T will protect you for many years

The OnePlus updates its catalog twice a year. The OnePlus 7T is the new device in its standard range and is a powerful flagship phone with a beautiful appearance and a powerful camera, all for hundreds of dollars less than the competition. If you take good care of it, there is no reason why the OnePlus 7T cannot last for years. Of course, much of keeping a phone for a long time has to do with keeping it safe from physical damage, and there is no better way to do it than with a protective case. What is the best for you? The options are many and varied, from thin and transparent covers to large and resistant covers. We have examined several to present, then, the best cases for the OnePlus 7T that we found. Choose one and keep your phone safe.

Transparent ultra thin Olixar case

covers for the OnePlus 7T

OnePlus seems to specialize in making beautiful phones and the OnePlus 7T is no exception. Therefore, nobody will judge you if the idea of ??hiding your device behind a case horrifies you. Fortunately, that doesn't have to happen. The ultra-thin Olixar case is completely transparent, so there is no barrier between your eyes and your phone. Of course, that means the protection is less, because this case will not give you the same security you will get with a more voluminous one. However, its thermoplastic polyurethane offers a decent level of protection for your day against shock and keeps your OnePlus 7T dust free. Although we do not recommend you to go hiking with him, it is still a good option.

Anccer Colorful Series Cover

covers for oneplus 7t anccer best cases 768x768

Not everyone loves soft thermoplastic polyurethane. If you prefer a slim but stiff case, check out the latest product from the Anccer Colorful series. Made of polycarbonate, this case resists scratches and dirt, and thanks to its rough finish offers a better grip. A slight elevation around the camera protects that vulnerable area from damage, and with its selection of colors you can choose a style that matches your personality. The disadvantage is that this stiff material is not so good for absorbing impacts, so this case is certainly not for those with little fragile hands, but is thin, light and comes in a lovely variety of colors.

Lifeepro leather wallet style case

covers for the oneplus 7t lifeepro best cases 768x768

If you don't want to be carrying a wallet or purse and also a phone, a wallet style case is just what you need. It comes with several slots where you can store some money or your cards, so you can leave the other accessories at home. It is made of resistant synthetic leather, durable and easy to clean and its price will definitely make sure that it is not genuine leather. The front cover bends over the screen when you are not using it, keeping your phone protected, and it can also be folded behind it to create a useful base for watching videos. Perfect for a touch chic to your phone.

Orzero cover carbon fiber style

covers for the oneplus 7t orzero best cases 768x768

We love carbon fiber. It is the material of the light future, but extremely resistant. He is a science fiction favorite and that's why we see him frequently in phone cases. Well, at least we see a carbon fiber style material. This Orzero cover imitates this material well, with a carbon fiber fabric on rigid polycarbonate within a soft thermoplastic polyurethane frame. This combination of materials results in good protection against a variety of threats, in addition to the fabric giving a pleasant sensation in your hands. The edges are reinforced and the chamber area is elevated to protect it from dust and scratches. It is somewhat expensive for the style of cover that it is, but its two-layer protection is strong.

Shockproof Feiteng case

covers for the oneplus 7t feiteng best cases 768x768

We begin our list with a transparent cover, so it is appropriate to close it with another. The shockproof Feiteng cover may not look like a transparent cover at first sight, due to its thick black border, but the polycarbonate back panel is completely transparent and allows your phone to stand out. Its combination of materials is impressive and offers protection against falls, scratches and more. It is relatively thin and light for the protection it offers and, best of all, it is not so expensive.