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The Windows 10X operating system is filtered in detail »ERdC

The Windows 10X operating system is filtered in detail

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Today thanks to the leaks we know products before being presented or launched to the market, in this case the product has been shown, but we do not know more details about it, we talk about Windows 10X.

Windows 10X is the operating system for folding devices created by Microsoft

While attempts to enter mobile devices by Microsoft were practically useless (remember Windows Phone and Windows Mobile) the Redmond company wants to continue trying to gain a foothold in the market.

And it is that after the presentation of the new Surface Duo and Surface Neo Microsoft has shown its weapons and has made something very clear, they will not give up.

What Windows 10X looks like

Thanks to this filtering we can know some changes that this version of Windows 10 will have, here the list and a complete gallery of images:

  • New home screen
  • Home modified and focused especially on the use of devices with touch screen.
  • The focus of this system is the interaction with the user, without distractions.
  • The Action Center with larger buttons, ideal for finger use, has also been modified for touch use.
  • Some applications will be modified for the use of Windows 10X as expected.

An operating system that does not differ too much from traditional Windows 10

Windows 10X

Recall that this is not a new operating system, but a modified version as it has been Windows 10 S or Windows based on ARM.

That is why this operating system is not intended as a substitute for the current Windows 10, but as an edition to come embedded on certain devices as mentioned at the beginning of this article.

Let's see if this system makes Microsoft take off a bit in terms of mobile devices, for now this is all we know about it.


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