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The solidarity economy that asks for 33 euros is a scam of WhatsApp

WhatsApp scam

It is no secret to anyone that both WhatsApp and social networks are a goldmine for scammers. Therefore, you have to be careful about some strange messages that reach these platforms. And this time, it has been revealed that the solidarity economy movement where they ask for 33 euros is a scam of WhatsApp.

It is not the first and also not the last scam to reach the messenger application. In the same way, we will tell you everything you need to know about it so that you do not become a victim.

The movement that asks for 33 euros on WhatsApp is a ?pyramid? scam

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This scam prompts you to invest 33 euros that are supposed to be converted into 1848 euros after eight days. We are talking about an amount of money that multiplies 56 times the initial amount.

The scam is going viral on WhatsApp thanks to a video of a young girl who explains the benefits of the method. According to her, it is a solidarity system in which some users give gifts and everyone benefits.

The creators baptized the scam as a ?circular system ? to make a difference with pyramid-type scams. However, it is about same cheap trick but with another name that disguises it.

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What you probably hooked on this scam, is the explanation about the circular groups in which each user occupies a different role during the eight days. Supposedly, there will be shifts to make and receive gifts or even treasurer. Sounds pretty and convincing, but everything is a vile deception to take away those 33 euros.

The scammers pretend that you make the payment of 33 euros by bank transfer, Paypal or Bizum. Just try to be alert, do not fall into the trap and tell your friends that everything is a scam. There will be some who manage to charge but most will run out of money.

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We recently told you about a WhatsApp scam in which LOral was supposedly giving away a product kit. Now comes this other scam that aims to take away 33 euros for a suspicious lonely economy movement. And t How do you think is the next scam that comes to WhatsApp?

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