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The mythological gods are on your side in the tactical RPG Smite Blitz

Smite Blitz

Smite Blitz is a tactical RPG in which you will control the mythological gods to choose between 60 different types of mythologies. An RPG that does not innovate at all, but thanks to its technical quality it knows how to get out of the air to be able to be tested and played.

Based on the mythology of different civilizations, we are facing a new Android title that is in beta and that arrives with great desire to stand out. Difficult at this time when we have a wide variety of titles in which we are merely spectators, apart from choosing the skills to activate.

Zeus, Thor …

In Smite Blitz we will be lucky to have this time in our forces to mythological gods like Zeus or Thor, which puts all the mythological tip and a special aura. If we add to this the technical quality with a multitude of different abilities according to the heroes, surely you will be hooked before a game that could be left aside if it were not for some elements to highlight.

Smite Blitz

The action goes through a static scenario in which our heroes face powerful enemies through different phases. We simply have to click on some of the skills of these heroes in order to take advantage of them and generate greater potential for damage or those healing aura that will allow us to continue fighting.

Smite Blitz

The background of the story brings us to our first steps in ancient egypt where dark forces have wreaked havoc on the domains owned by the gods. It is where we enter to fight to help them and thus try to stop the dark forces that put civilization stability at risk.

More than 60 gods in Smite Blitz

Having more than 60 gods is a big hit in this game called Smite Blitz. And if we are going to combine Hercules, Athena or Loki, more enjoyment to our soul of gamer looking for games that fill those dark moments of boredom and boredom.


All directed to face world epic bosses with players from all over the world and who will help our team to receive important rewards. Rewards to improve the statistics of our gods or obtain that equipment that will allow us to increase the strength of combat or defense.

Neither is the PvP missing so that we measure ourselves before other players. There will be just 4 different modes with which we can enjoy with this multiplayer component that puts the icing on the cake that is Smite Blitz itself; whenever we are fans of this type of games, since there are players who are already getting tired of so much the same.

Forge an alliance of gods

Finally, Smite Blitz also allows you to forge an alliance so that you can take a multitude of players in your bosom who will all go to one. A freemium game in which micropayments are not lacking and those moments in which we have to wait to get rewards, weapons and all that we already know.