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"The iPhone Home button was much better than gestures"

President Donald Trump returns to charge against Apple, although in this case in a rather casual way, because he has affirmed that the old physical Home iPhone button was better than the current gesture navigation, standardized in the latest mobile phones of the company.

Trump has made this assessment from his personal Twitter (@realDonalTrump), addressing "Tim", that is to say Tim cook, the top manager of Apple, with whom he has met in the past.

The Home button that Trump likes was the identity of the iPhone until 2019, when the iPhone X came out, with a "all screen" design that left no room for buttons on the front Since then, the iOS operating system is controlled by gestures, sliding on the screen.

Image - Trump criticizes Apple:

The following generations of the iPhone Xs, Xr and 11 have maintained the gestures, so it seems that the Home button is already part of the past for Apple Also Android, although they offer more variety in control, increasingly use gestures more frequently.

This is the tweet that Donald Trump dedicated to Apple:

Image - Trump criticizes Apple:

"To Tim: The IPhone Button was MUCH better than Gestures!"

In the message there are some letters left over, words like "Button", "IPhone" or "Swipe" are misspelled, it shows that Trump uses Twitter reflexively, writing the ideas that go through your mind without consulting your advisors.

Unlike Barack Obama, the current White House tenant barely uses the @POTUS (President of the United States) account, which is the official of his position on Twitter.

This reference to the iPhone is still an anecdote, but Donald Trump has used social networks even to threaten foreign passes, generating many criticisms about whether Twitter is the right medium to deal with issues of this draft.

Trump has already criticized Apple during the election campaign that led him to preside over the United States, regretting that he made his iPhone, iPad and Mac in China, when you can do it in your country of origin and create local employment.

Although his administration has not taken concrete measures against Apple, the trade and tariff war with China has meant that the entire technology industry has suffered problems, and that mobile phones such as the Huawei Mate 30 come without Google apps.