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The iPhone 11 Pro battery is the most important in the market

iphone 11

The battery has always been one of the weak points of the iPhone. So much so, that Apple itself rarely revealed the mAh with which the models that year after year have been presenting in the market. Well, it seems that the iPhone 11 Pro It has been a turning point and it has become one of the strongest points of Apple terminals.

An unprecedented battery life

However, every year we see videos that come from the North American firm that showed the benefits of the iPhone battery. These demonstrations have never been endorsed by users, who are the ones who make real use of the phones. This has changed with the iPhone 11 Pro, and that is that there are many reviews that we can see both in social networks and in different media demonstrating that the battery lasts between 7 and 11 hours.

This is the duration we have if we make intensive use of the new Apple terminal, that is, if we record in 4k or if we watch videos on YouTube constantly, the on screen time reaches beyond 8 hours of duration. If, on the contrary, we are a more normal user, that is, of those who keep the phone screen long off, the battery can last up to 24 hours or more.

iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 pro

Without a doubt, It is one of the most important autonomous markets, and this as we have said, had never happened at Apple. It should be noted that if you have iOS 13 or the iOS 13.2 beta installed, you may have serious problems with the autonomy of the iPhone, so we recommend that if you are not an advanced user, stay in the official version iOS 13.1 waiting Apple to solve its problems in the next software version.

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