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The Google Messages application exceeds 500 million downloads

Mensajes de Google

Google messages

In recent years, the application to manage messages from Google, has become one of the most complete that we have at our disposal within the Android ecosystem. Each new update offers us new functions, the most outstanding being the compatibility with the Dark mode, support for RCS and a web interface.

Thanks to the attention that Google is giving it, it is normal that it has surpassed, for a few days, the 500 million downloads, thus becoming one of the most downloaded applications in the Play Store. By not being part of Google's mobile services, any user can install it and stop using the one that is preinstalled on our device.

Google messages

Only Google Pixel devices and Android One managed devices have these applications installed natively, like the Calendar application, so the success of this application is not only because it is installed natively on all Android devices that reach the market, only on those specific models, which are precisely not the most sold.

If you have not yet had the opportunity to try this application and usually make use of text messages, you should give it a try, especially for the convenience offered by the possibility of being able to manage them through the browser with the web interface.

Thanks to the search interface, we can find the content of our conversations quickly and easily. Selecting a contact shows tAll messages we have sent or received, along with the photographs, videos, addresses, links and other types of content we have shared.

Google messages is available for your download for free and is compatible with all versions of Android as of Android KitKat and is compatible with Wear OS. Then I leave the link to download directly from the Play Store.

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