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The filters that Instagram censor to prevent negative effects on mental health

The effects that are related to extreme surgeries will be vetoed within the digital photography and video application of Facebook

 I announced that veto all
augmented reality filters that represent or promote the
cosmetic surgery, amid concerns that they harm the
mental health of its users.

Among the forbidden, there will be the effects that make people look as if they had put on
lip injections, stuffed or would have done a facelift.

Studies suggest that filters that change the face may
make people feel worse because of their appearance.

Instagram, which is owned by
 He said the ban is to promote the welfare of its users.

"We are reassessing our policies, we want our filters to be a positive experience for people," said a spokesman.

"While we reevaluate our policies, we will eliminate all the effects of the galley associated with plastic surgery, stop the approval of new effects like these and eliminate the current ones if they are reported to us."

New effects

In August, an update of the Instagram app allowed users
create your own virtual effects, such as
animations and customized facial filters, which can be superimposed on images and videos.

Many popular filters, such as Plastic, mimicked the effects of extreme cosmetic surgeries.

Another filter, FixMe, showed how a plastic surgeon marked a person's face before an operation, while HolyBucks placed dollar signs on a selfie and highlighted the user's lips.

Instagram said it was not sure how long it would take to remove all filters, but many users appreciated this measure.