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The easiest way to sign documents with your mobile

The barrier between the physical and virtual format has been diluted so much that we can now process any document no need to have it printed, even without needing a computer. But what happens when we have to send something signed and we only have the mobile? There, things get complicated. Or not, that there are applications that squander any obstacle.

There are several apps capable of sign documents with your mobile, but today we will look at a newly created one that has not only seemed simple, also complete and highly functional. His name is WPS Fill & Sign, it is in beta within the Google Play Store and you can download it now to have a very powerful tool with which to present your documents.

With WPS Fill & Sign you will sign any document converting it to a comfortable PDF

The easiest way to sign documents with your mobile

The app that we recommend is not only responsible for applying the signature to virtual paper, but also convert any image file to a PDF. Hence, it is not only convenient to deliver signed invoices, but also to digitize any paper. And for that a simple photo is enough.

WPS Fill & Sign It has no mystery: it has a list with recent documents, a profile area to fill in the data and thus automatically translate them into the document and a central editing button with which to apply the signatures. And now: you can add from images with the camera to share them from the gallery; in addition to loading documents from storage (only PDFs).

The easiest way to sign documents with your mobile

Once you have your document on the screen you just have to enter the signature from the «Signatures«. Record a first drawing on the screen and you will have it available for the next documents. Once you have it, just put it on the area you want in the image; and resize it until it's the size you want.

Not only can you enter the signature, you can also enter the fields that you have filled in your profile or write anything else: just click on a point in the document to open the writing drawer. Of course, at the moment it is not compatible with Latin characters, so WPS Fill & Sign He doesn't get along with the tildes or the "ñ". Remember that it is still in beta.

The easiest way to sign documents with your mobile

Once you have finished editing the document, it will be saved in your list in PDF format. And you can share it with anyone, even with the administration: just send it by mail, for example.

A simple and quick way to customize any PDF document

WPS Fill & Sign It is now available in the Google Play Store for download whenever you want. At the moment it is still in development, but it is accessible by open beta. It is very practical for what it offers: you will not be able to resist any document since you can sign it directly from the smartphone.

WPS Fill & Sign is free, has no in-app purchases and lacks ads.