Steam Chat

Steam Chat can now be downloaded on Android and iOS

Steam Chat

Last year Steam Link was launched on Android, which allowed it to play computer games on the phone screen. Now, Valve leaves us with a new application in this regard, what is Steam Chat. It is an application designed to unite Steam communities through chat. This is the main purpose of this app.

Steam Chat is officially launched on both Android and iOS. So users with both operating systems will be able to use it at all times. This version for mobile phones has hardly any differences compared to the desktop version.

Valve bets on a chat application to unite Steam user communities. Therefore, they bet on launching Steam Chat on smartphones. This version of the app will allow us to have individual chats, in addition to group conversations. Users will also be able to customize notifications based on friends or chats that we want to receive alerts.

Steam Chat

The most important features that we find in the desktop version of the application are introduced therein. In addition, users are going to be able to send emojis, GIFs or videos in these conversations. So we can do things similar to what other messaging apps currently offer.

Steam Chat also has a list of friends. Thanks to her it is possible to see which contacts are connected at that moment playing. What can be of great interest when inviting them to play. This will be possible with a link that the app itself will generate. It has been confirmed that there will soon be some improvements, such as voice chat.

Those interested in downloading Steam Chat can do so now. The application is available on Google Play, where the we can download for free on our Android phone. There are no ads or purchases of any kind inside it.

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