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Spain is the third country to break phones

Broken Android

Today we wake up with news of those that do not leave us in a very good place to the Spanish, we do not take care of our smartphones!

We all know at least one person, especially "manazas" with their mobile phones. Whether due to carelessness or bad practices, their phones do not usually last long in perfect condition. Smartphones face daily drops, bumps or buoyancy tests … come on, a full-blown risk sport.

But in ProAndroid we do not say that we are the third party at European level so why s, that is what this study carried out by aonline protection program for mobile phones and electronic devices calledSquareTrade:

Ducky Countries

According to this study, the inhabitants of Greece, Italy and Spain occupy the first positions in accidents of their smartphones in the last two years. The reason is a mystery and more if we take into account that our Portuguese neighbors occupy the fourteenth position and the French the eighth: Gravity does not affect them the same or what?

Another fact that this study leaves us is that we Europeans in the last seven years have spent more than 500 million euros in the repairs of our terminals, an exorbitant figure is looked where you look, and more considering that they are These figures are based on official data and do not take into account the repairs carried out by personnel outside the technical service of the companies or the determined companies that we decide to have no arrangement..

As advice, I recommend that you always use a screen protector and a good case, do not pass as the first iPhone 6 buyer, (although if you have a Cupertino terminal, it is not a bad excuse to go to Android …)

Are we really so "manazas" ?, Do you know any funny story whose end is a broken mobile? Let us know!