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Sort Gmail by sender

Many people have asked me if they can sort their Google mail by sender and never really understand what they want to say. Gmail is basically based on the search, not the classification. It doesn't have many sorting functions because it thinks you can use its advanced search features to find any email you want.

I have to agree. In terms of sorting by sender, after talking with my friends, they seemed to want a way to check all emails that had accumulated in their Inbox and move them to the appropriate labels. They did not have a filter configuration, so obviously, the sorting by sender would be fine because you can only select 10 emails from a sender quickly and archive them instead of checking each email sorted by date and having to do the same again I work again and again. again.

In this article, mention a couple of ways to get the result you want from Gmail. Basically, you can search for the sender and then see only the emails in the Inbox and then quickly archive or move those emails. If you have a different solution that you use for a particular purpose, post a comment here and let us know.

Method 1 – Recent conversations (emails)

There is a small ingenious feature in Gmail that allows you to quickly see all recent conversations with a particular email address. Go ahead, open Gmail and then click on an email. Hover over the person's name and a pop-up window will appear:

Vers a link at the bottom called Emails . If you click on that, all recent conversations to and from that person will be displayed.

Note that you can also search in Gmail using the options Until Y Since . If you can't remember that, you can always click on the little down arrow on the right side of the search box, which will show the search options.

Now that you have that person's emails, you can quickly move them to the appropriate tag by selecting them all and filing them.

Just select the emails in the first page of results, but see a box at the top where you can select all emails that match that search. Of course, this will show all of that person's emails, whether they are in the inbox or on a label. You may just want to see those in the inbox.