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Shadowgun Legends for Android: we analyze the expected game

There are games for mobiles of all kinds but sometimes one stands out for its quality and for looking much more like a proposal for a console than a game for smartphones. Shadowgun was one of those games and now its sequel comes to Android, Shadowgun legends.

Again we are facing a first person shooter, a multiplayer game that will allow us to eliminate and destroy hordes of extraterrestrial enemies from the screen of our mobile.

Huge character customization

The first thing we see when we run the game are some kinematics but we can skip them and go to the creation of our own legend.

The customization of this section is brutal and we can choose more or less obvious elements such as the sex of the protagonist to others such as the color of hair and its cut, the shape of the jaw, the eyes, if it is more or less fat …

I think I had never had so many options when creating a character. Luckily for what you do not want to complicate there is a button that marks this process as random and we can press it a few times to stay with the soldier we like the most.

Good start-up management

Something that has surprised me when I started trying the game is that once I had my character set up, the assistant asked me how often I played this kind of proposals.

Depending on the response, it will show us in more or less detail how to usually play with characters in the first person, to shoot or to manage the options.

Simple controls

In order to move our character we will have two invisible controls. On the left side of the screen we will slide your finger to move in any direction. On the right side we will do the same but to look without moving.

We must combine both movements simultaneously when playing, not forgetting the buttons that activate the weapons we carry equipped.

We will learn all this in the Central, a kind of meeting space where we can buy weapons, accept missions and chat with other players.