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Rival Stars Horse Racing is one of the surprises of the year

Rival Stars Horse Racing is a new game that bets for taking all the excitement of horse racing. Not only that, but it transports you to what would be the upbringing, care and training of those winning horses that will become champion of champions.

So we are facing a unique game in the Google Play Store and that is receiving a great welcome by the Android community. Let's say you have from the 3D action of riding the horse yourself to all that simulation part where you will buy horses and much more; yes, it is freemium.

Raise the champion of champions

From the welcome screen of Rival Stars Horse Racing and we begin to notice that we are facing another type of game. At least with all the originality that means entering directly to a race in which we will have to move our horse from one side to another, turn your eyes to see who the runners are that approach us and that turbo button to accelerate at that appropriate moment in which we have to go before the photo finish to get the victory.

The camera perspective is just behind the jockey, so we will have the best vision to live in first person what it is to ride a racehorse and how the circuit is opening at the gallop of our mare.

Looking back

That is, in a matter of minutes you are facing another type of gaming experience and in which the visual is very well carried out. That is, Rival Stars Horse Racing generates many satisfactions in a few minutes. If we start with our journey with our stable, the purchase of horses, improve them and other things, we begin to immerse ourselves in a game that comes to Android with great desire to break it.

Rival Stars Horse Racing is freemium

Nor will we forget that we are facing a pure freemium. At the beginning we can unlock races and improvements for free without time, but the next few times you can get used to waiting for 3 hours until an improvement is finished. While we can explore all your options for recover your family's legacy and become a champion.


We talked about going through legendary racetracks, increasing prestige, climbing positions and even taking on different roles in the same game: breeder, horse trainer, race manager, jockey and much more. It is without a doubt the great success of this game that will lead us to high quality graphics with more than realistic animations.


First you can create your jockey with your own dress, color and face shape. After this mere process, you will live your first career and the feeling that all the animations are so real. What to say that each horse you acquire will have its own appearance, characteristics, pedigree history and statistics.

An all in one

As we said, the best thing about Rival Stars Horse Racing is that it has both the simulator and the action part In the same game. So if you spend some time managing your stable, training your horses or watching what the next purchase will be, you can then go straight to the race to ride that horse.