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Play the most explosive car race: if you don't run you explode

Do you remember the movie Speed? Sandra Bullock driving a bus that could not go below 50 miles per hour because if the bomb that the terrorist had placed did not explode. Well, this is the approach of the game at hand, Brake to Die. Although yes, we drive a car instead of a bus; and we can shoot missiles, also hit accelerators with the relevant «nitros».

Brake to Die is not yet in its final version, but we can download it without problems from Google Play. It is a style game endless and 100% casual that puts us at the controls of a car that can't stop. Well, power can: just crash it. Although yes, then the bomb will explode.

Fun without great pretensions with a certain air to Crazy Taxi

Play the most explosive car race: if you don't run you explode

The inspirations in the movie Speed ​​seem clear, also in the style of Crazy Taxi: we must sneak into the traffic avoiding as many cars as possible to move forward until we can no longer. For this we will have at our disposal the expertise, the ability and missiles that will appear on the road.

As usually happens with this type of casual games, the approach is much simpler than what you will find later in the game. The controls are simple: left part of the screen to rotate in that direction, right part for the opposite. In addition, we will have the missiles on the left and the nitro on the right; that we will have to pick up in order to have them ready to use.

Play the most explosive car race: if you don't run you explode

The graphics are in 3D with a certain rustic air, although they do not look bad. Cars flow as expected, but control is somewhat rudimentary. It is not that we expected a simulator since it is still a casual game, but having the trigger and nitro buttons in the same area as the steering controls ends up being messy. Especially when we run into more traffic than usual and we end up groping for enhancers.

Brake to Die It is simple to play, complex if you want to get great scores and, above all, it is very fun. Not only will we have to deal with speed and traffic, but also with the bomb: as the speed drops below 80 miles per hour, it's over. And it is such that, the car explodes.

A freemium game that brings some freshness to the casual racing genre

Play the most explosive car race: if you don't run you explode

You guessed it: Brake to Die is a free game that includes in-app purchases. At the moment it has no ads and, from what we have checked, works without internet connection. It is still in beta, it should be remembered.