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Once Upon A Time in Hollywood returns to theaters with indite scenes – Digital Trends Espaol

once upon a time in hollywood movieAfter directing eight feature films and more than 20 years of positioning himself among the most prominent figures in Hollywood, director Quentin Tarantino has earned a reputation that makes any project he is working on raise high expectations. The next production of the famous author, the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood movie, He uses the infamous murders perpetrated in 1969 by members of the cult known as the Manson Family as a backdrop.

The star cast includes Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt and Margot Robbie, among several other well-known actors, and now, the movie returns to theaters with an additional 10 minutes of scenes that were not included in its first release in July this year.

Indeed, as of Friday, October 25, those who are going to see the film for the first time, or those who decided to return for a second round, can see four new scenes never seen before. With these, the updated film will last almost three hours, and will be shown in more than a thousand movie theaters throughout the United States.

Here are all the rumors and news that were presented throughout the production process of the Once Upon a Time movie in Hollywood, which will surely interest you now that the film will be shown again on the big screen.

  • Title: Once Upon A Time in Hollywood
  • Cast: Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Margot Robbie, Al Pacino, Dakota Fanning, Timothy Olyphant, James Marsden, Kurt Russell, Damian Lewis, Burt Reynolds, Emile Hirsch, Luke Perry
  • director: Quentin Tarantino

Two great advances in history

A few hours before the premiere of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood At the Cannes film festival, Sony released a second triler with a glimpse of the film's history. As the new images reveal, the characters of DiCaprio and Pitt struggle to find their place in modern Hollywood. Almost at the same time, the main characters intersect with the serial killer Charles Manson.

While most of the trailer is a cheerful spirit, it ends in a darker environment with shots of the Manson family throwing guns and knives.

But this is not the only initial production trailer. At the beginning of the year we could see something the first trailer of the last Tarantino project. Starting with black and white images of DiCaprio and Pitt in a shooting set, going through images later in color of a little Hollywood. Then, we immediately see a little of Tarantino's work with this immersion in the 60s in Tinseltown. Margot Robbie looks as good as Sharon Tate and we see something more comedy than a horror show, but, of course, we will have to wait until the movie reaches the big screen to really know what it is. In any case, it is an intriguing story told by one of today's best storytellers and all the signs point to it being a fun and intriguing journey.


The most recent poster of the film shows the handsome Brad Pitt and Leonardo diCaprio, two of the most recognized faces in Hollywood, whose popularity continues throughout the years.


A lot of photos of Once Upon A Time in Hollywood were published in late January through Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and other social networks, offering a look at most of the cast members, as well as Tarantino and the team which works in the production behind the cameras.


After months of speculation about who will play Charles Manson, the leader of a cult known as The Manson Family, who inspire his followers to commit horrible murders in Hollywood, the actor who starred in Tarantino's film has finally been identified.

Damon Herriman

According The wrap, actor Damon Herriman (pictured) play Manson in the movie. Best known for his role in the series Justified FX, Herriman also received praise for his acting in Australian films The little death Y Down under.

The news of Herriman's election was accompanied by several other casting announcements, such as Empire Rumer Willis actress playing British actress Joanna Pettet, Dreama Walker playing actress and singer Connie Stevens, and Costa Ronin (The Americans) playing the Polish actor Voytek Frykowski. Margaret Qualley, Victoria Pedretti and Madisen Beaty were also chosen for the film.


A series of additions to the cast in late August added actors Rafal Zawierucha, Danny Strong (Billions) and Sydney Sweeney (The Handmaids Tale) to the cast, with only one of the three characters they will play, but it's important.

Zawierucha play the real-world filmmaker Roman Polanski, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Polanski was a controversial Oscar-winning director, who brought several iconic films to the big screen like The pianist Y Rosemary?s Baby. He was married to Sharon Tate when he was killed by members of the cult followers of Manson. Years later, Polanski was accused of drugging and abusing a 13-year-old girl and eventually fled the United States after pleading guilty to a misdemeanor that would have sent him to prison.