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Nubia Alpha analysis: price, features. Nubia Alpha: flexible cell phone

We are at the moment when cell phones are increasingly repetitive and only grow in number of cameras. Everything seems to indicate that it is time for a change. Flexible screens could be the solution to provide something different, but at what price? In addition, the Samsung Galaxy Fold He suffered his first problems and still does not go on sale. In search of this soda, we have tested a flexible panel embedded in a bracelet: it is a mutation between smart watch and cell phone called Nubia Alpha.

This "cell phone" from the ZTE sub-brand was initially presented during the Mobile Devices World Congress in Barcelona in February, but is now available for sale. The big problem presents, from good to first, is that, despite the bracelet wants to become your main cell phone, it is impossible that it is in the version that is for sale in the West for various reasons that you will be telling during this analysis


The Nubia Alpha is a beautiful piece of the future, but is it useful in the present?

Angela Lang / CNET

Specifications Nubia Alpha

  • 4.01 inch screen, flexible
  • Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor
  • 1GB of RAM
  • 8GB of storage
  • 5 megapixel camera, 82 degrees, f / 2.2
  • Cardiac frequency sensor
  • Waterproof
  • Gesture Control Sensor
  • 500mAh battery with fast charge
  • Steel strap in black and gold colors
  • Connectivity via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
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The Nubia Alpha has a long screen that runs almost all your face.

Angela Lang / CNET


The Nubia Apha has a stainless steel strap that can be easily adjusted to the grimace. From there, it presents a large elongated 4.01-inch screen, in which you can read messages, emails, etc.

Around the screen we find the camera on one side and the gesture sensor on the other. At the rear, we find the cardiac frequency sensor and the charging connector. On the right side we also have two buttons that help us to go back and to turn the screen on or off. By the way, this device has a sleep monitor, although it is not exactly easy to sleep with it on.

When you wear this cell phone bracelet, it feels great, although you can really get used to it. Something I did not like is that the panel gets dirty easily, so sometimes you have a large screen full of prints on your face that does not look as attractive as it should.

To this, there must be added that its huge screen could be somewhat unnecessary, since there is no way you can use it all at the same time. The reason? The part of the panel that is outside your body is difficult to read, you will have to twist your face. You can swipe the content up, but you don't really need that part of the panel, because it's almost never visible.

Definitely its futuristic design will be the greatest attraction when you go out, although its usefulness is in doubt.


The Nubia Alpha was conceived by the company to become a phone with a different format. However, the version sold in the West does not include the e-SIM card that does have the version of China, so it cannot connect to networks. To this we must add that the operating system Alpha OS does not have an application store, so you cannot install Spotify, WhatsApp, Instagram or the training app you prefer.

That said, the cell phone must be connected via Bluetooth and can also connect to Wi-Fi to a phone to receive all your information and even allow you to make and receive calls from its large screen, which, however, is very impractical at the time of writing since the letters are agglomerated by number, as in the cell phones of the 90s.

So what do you get if you buy in Nubia Alpha? On its large screen you will have the possibility to write text messages and respond to incoming messages. It does not have an email app, although it allows you to see notifications of your service if you configure it that way; In addition, you can see notifications of applications such as Instagram, Facebook or WhatsApp.

To this we must add a gesture sensor, which has on the left side, although it works halfway since when you place your finger on the top, the device does not necessarily perform the tasks to move the mens you are asking. Normally it does nothing or you should get so close that you end up touching the screen.

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The Nubia Alpha has vertical mens with the company's own apps.

Angela Lang / CNET

The watch works with vertical mens. If you turn left for the first time, we have the service menu, which includes our own apps for calls, messages, galley, camera. If you slide back to the left you will find the sports menu, in which you can indicate the physical activity that you are doing, measure heart rate and generally review the health variables.

Finally, we found a menu with several applications. One of them is music, although to use it you must download songs on your cell phone and place it through the Nubia Wear app on the Nubia Alpha. We also find alarm, weather, search cell phone and a calendar app that can take the information you have configured on the cell phone.