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Nokia update old phones every three months

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<p><strong>Nokia is a brand that stands out positively for its update policy.</strong> The firm uses Android One on their phones, which allows them to update regularly very quickly. In addition, all your phones, regardless of the range to which they belong, get these updates. The firm also undertakes to keep old phones updated with security patches.</p>
<p>This is something important for the firm, which even updates basic models such as Nokia 1. In addition, it now gives guarantees, so that even if a phone is more than two years old, <strong>they will continue to release security patches</strong>, to keep it protected at all times.</p><div class=

It has been confirmed by a representative of HMD Global. Once Nokia phones have completed the two-year cycle, where they have all the guaranteed updates, the brand will not abandon them. Since they will get security patches on a quarterly basis, good news for users with devices from the manufacturer.


This is important news, because two years ago the company was returning to the market. Therefore, in a few months some of their models will be affected, in the sense that normal support ends. The company seeks to offer users peace of mind in this regard.

Even in the case of those models released to stores in 2017, Nokia guarantees these updates. So every three months they will have a security patch on the phone, guaranteed at all times by HMD Global. In addition, if specific or special vulnerabilities are discovered, these patches will be added in the quarterly ones.

Due to this, it is confirmed that the Nokia 5, 6 and 8 will begin to receive these quarterly patches from October of this same year. They will stop doing so in October 2020, so they have a year of additional support in this regard. So we can see that the brand will be doing this with all phones, as they arrive two years after its launch to the market.

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