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Moonlighter – Become a hero!

Moonlighter – Become a hero! – TecNoticias, your information portal

Moonlighter is developed by Digital sun & published by 11 bit study. Switch owners will be pleased to know that it is now available on eShop at – USD 24.99 (approximately MYR 105)

What is the dream about?

Deep in the archaeological excavation, a set of ancient passages that lead to multiple kingdoms and dimensions that will reward those who are brave and bold with treasures beyond measure. Moonlight is an action role-playing game with rogue-lite elements. You play as Will, who is an adventurous merchant who dreams of becoming a hero somewhere.


ShopkeeperWhile conducting your business in the village of Rynoka, you can put items for sale, set your price carefully, manage gold reserves, recruit assistants and improve the store. Be careful, as some shady individuals may want to steal your precious products.

Meet the villagersKnowing Rynoka residents and understanding customer needs is crucial. Some people may have special missions for you, request rare items and offer attractive rewards in return.

Craftswoman and enchantmentThe handmade and charming system is essential for your progression. Interacting with the villagers is the way to design new armor, weapons and enchant existing equipment. This creates great flexibility and improves the way the equipment is used.

Get the buttonWhile visiting other worlds, valuable resources, weapons, armor, treasures and peculiar artifacts are reborn. Then, manage the acquired button using unique inventory-based skills.

Fight with styleDefeat several enemies and bosses, delight yourself with the challenging and profound combat technique. The depth of combat depends on the interactions between weapons, abilities, enemies and side effects of the objects. Feel comfortable developing YOur own fighting style.

Open the doorsThe doors lead to different worlds. Each race is unique and forces you to make some intelligent decisions. You never know what to find next, so you have to be prepared for everything.

Moonlighter is also available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Kelvin is one of many in our team who repeatedly ignores the advice for writing his own biography. Having no other option, his editor had to write one for him. Kelvin is the Chinese William Shakespeare of video games, whatever he says or does, is never straight to the point. You are in a furious shooting with an enemy faction and you need more ammunition, wait for Kelvin to recite a poem or two before finally realizing that you are half dead, surrounded, defenseless, disappointed, the list can really continue. In his spare time, he likes to play carefree games (games for children over 2 years old but under 7 years old). Mr. Philosopher of BunnyGaming.

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