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Instagram's IGTV video service adapts to horizontal video

How to share IGTV videos on Stories on Instagram

Many users have become accustomed to recording videos vertically, without thinking that when they want to play it on TV, they will have to turn your head or change the position of the television to enjoy full screen. While photography, depending on the reason, we can do it vertically or horizontally, the video does not.

The video is intended to be recorded horizontally (movie theaters and televisions are clear evidence). However, this type of format has become so popular, unfortunately, that even YouTube has been forced to adapt. Instagram, launched a little less than a year ago IGTV, a video platform where only vertical videos could be published. That ended.

Record videos vertically

A platform where we can only dEnjoy vertical video had the days counted. The only reason to record the videos vertically, to find a justification for human vagueria is not to move. If we want to record our full body friend, it is best to record vertically, something that we can also do if we move away slightly to not only record the entire body, but also to give context to the video, something that is always lost when you Record vertically.

Logically, vertical videos will continue to exist and on IGTV it will have its place, just like on YouTube. This move by Facebook, owner of Instagram, andis motivated by the limited success of this format of video among the creators of content, with want the company strongly bet when it presented this service.

This format not only implies the way of recording, but also of editing the content to offer it on this platform. Also, unlike YouTube, the only one that benefits from the video content shown is Facebook, since there is no way to monetize the content.

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