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Huawei's map service become official in 2019


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<p>Last week I gave<strong> start the Huawei developer conference</strong>. In this event, on its opening day, the Chinese brand left us with two important novelties: EMUI 10 and its own HarmonyOS operating system. The Chinese brand continues to announce news at this event and the next one will be Huawei MapKit, its own map service.</p>
<p><strong>Huawei MapKit can be seen as a kind Google Maps</strong>, but in this case of Huawei, although they do not seek to compete with this service. The company has already announced that its launch would take place in October of this year. The openings of this service are now open for developers to work on it, as they have announced.</p><div class=

The Chinese brand seeks to follow in the footsteps of companies such as Apple, Google or Microsoft, They currently have their own map services. Although this does not mean that the brand will launch its own application, so it does not have to mean that they will create a competitor for Google Maps in this regard. At least at the moment nothing is mentioned about these possible plans of the company.


With Huawei MapKit, what the company does is make tools and code available to developers of your map service. In this way, it will be able to integrate with the applications or on the website of these developers. The idea of ​​the brand is to look for an alternative to the current systems available. So this could help you in the future to have your own map application, if you want, but that does not have to be a reason in this regard.

As has been known so far, Huawei MapKit is going to be launched in more than 150 different countries. In addition, it will have support for more than 40 languages, which undoubtedly allows extensive use of this service. Developers who use it will have many functions available. They will be able to customize maps, add markers, integrate augmented reality, create route schedules and much more. These are functions that we already know thanks to other map services.

It seems that there are already several companies in the world They are interested in collaborating with the Chinese manufacturer in this field. According to new data, Yandez (Russia’s largest technology firm) and Booking Holdings (the company behind are already in talks with the company to make use of Huawei MapKit on their platforms. Although for now we do not know the state in which these conversations are with these companies. What is certain that in these weeks new names will emerge that also show their interest in this field. So we will see what other companies show their interest in this regard.

Huawei company

The Chinese brand says that they already have telecommunications base stations in more than 160 countries. This is something that already gives them the possibility of offering complementary information to satellite positioning data. This makes it clear that they are prepared in this regard. The company has commented that this new proposal will be officially opened to developers at the end of the year. Possibly in October, or after October, there are no specific dates for now. So in the coming months we will see the proposals of these firms in this field.

We will be attentive to new news about Huawei MapKit these next weeks. Since this announcement comes shortly after the Chinese brand leaves us with its own operating system. We can see how the company is looking to depend less on other companies, especially American companies, when it comes to having certain services. So it will be interesting to see the way in which this service will be integrated into services, applications or websites of other companies, seeing that there are already enough interested. What do you think about this decision of the company to create this own map service?

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