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how to use your PC from your mobile phone where you are

AnyDesk App

There is no distance that can separate you from your computer if you use AnyDesk, the remote control app that allows you to use your phone to manage your PC. Surely this function reminds you of other softwares we have talked about on other occasions, such as TeamViewer, ideal for remotely controlling devices.

Returning to AnyDesk, it is a free program for personal use that allows you to connect your mobile and your computer in a few seconds. Next, we will teach you how to configure and install AnyDesk to use your PC from your mobile, regardless of the distance that separates them.

AnyDesk: how to use your PC from your mobile phone where you are

No matter If you use Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android or iOS, AnyDesk is compatible With all these systems. No one can interfere in the connection between your mobile and computer, since the program promises extreme security. Knowing this data, we will begin the installation and configuration process of AnyDesk.

To start, you must download AnyDesk both on your computer and on your mobile phone. In the first case, it is an executable file that does not need installation.

Open the program on both devices. Then in the ?Remote address? section on your mobile enter the number which appears on the left on the computer screen, just below ?This work team?.

AnyDesk pc interface

By doing so, a new screen will open on your PC that ask you permission to make the connection. Accept the request and you can see the computer screen on your mobile. We recommend using the mobile horizontal mode to control the PC, it is more comfortable as it is a smaller screen.

Configure AnyDesk app

Once the connection is made, you just have to make sure that the devices maintain stable internet access to continue controlling the computer from the mobile. AnyDesk is ideal for companies where employees must often work with teams of other colleagues. Thus, it is not necessary to get up from the chair to use other computers, they can do so by connecting to them with their mobile.

As we initially stated, AnyDesk does not pose a threat to security, since uses TLS 1.2 encryption and 4096 bit RSA key exchange. In addition, the program works with minimal latency and allows immediate file transfer. After connecting the computer to the mobile phone to control it from there, see a button with a square and an arrow on the right side of the screen.

AnyDesk works with low latency and will not cost you anything if it is for personal use

When pressed on this button, a menu of actions will be displayed that will allow you to interact with your computer. First, the top option -represented by the icon of a wrench- gives you access to session settings. From this section you can configure the data input, presentation and sound.