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How to use the application vault of Xiaomi phones

One of the lesser known MIUI 10 functions in Xiaomi terminals is the application vault. This section that appears on the left side of the desks allows you to perform certain tasks quickly but few people know that it is there and those who know it do not usually use it.

We are going to help you get the most out of this function and, if you don't want to use it, disable it so that it never appears.

How to activate or deactivate the application vault

This section is controlled from the Xiaomi launcher settings. To activate or deactivate it we have to zoom in with our fingers on the desktop, to open the options of Wallpapers or Widgets.

Another of the accesses is that of Settings If we press we will see a section called Plus and there we can turn the vault on or off, in the option with that name.

What is the application vault for?

If we want to leave it active it is good that we know what the six available options are worth.

To start, if we click on the upper left corner date we will see that the mobile calendar opens. It is a shortcut to it.

Just under that is the search drawer which opens the Google assistant to be able to search both on the mobile and on the internet, without having to leave the search bar on the desks or open the browser. In the sections by folders we have four:

  • Access: Here we can put up to eight shortcuts to applications. In addition to the installed ones we have access to system functions, such as the cleaner or the payment system in the event that our mobile phone has it.
  • Security: In this section we can launch the system optimizer, which suggests deleting elements to free up space or close apps, among other things.
  • Short Note: Here we can write a quick note that we need to have located although it is just that, a place to write something fast, nothing synchronized or powerful like Google Keep.
  • Calendar: In this section the calendar elements for the current day will appear.

In the end we have a shortcut that allows us to edit all the functions mentioned and make only those that are of interest to us appear.