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How to study geometry with figures to cut and assemble with paper and threads

With a series of instructions available in a PDF, the teaching of geometric figures can be very interesting with this method

The teaching of geometry is usually limited to illustrations on the board or in static figures. Beyond having a screen or projector, a simple method based on paper, folds and threads became one of the topics of conversation in

With more than 1700 likes and more than 570 republications, a tweet by Carlos Pez shows how flat figures on paper become geometric bodies after folding by a simple thread-based mechanism.

The method is based on a document published by researchers from the school of education and design of the
University of Leeds, United Kingdom. With various figures to cut and fold, the system solves the visualization of three-dimensional shapes during the teaching of two-dimensional and three-dimensional geometry in a stimulating way.

"It is a method that seeks to increase student motivation, in addition to exploring the beauty of mathematics and making the connections it has with art," said E.B. Meenan and B.G. Thomas, the authors of the workshop.

The figures used by Fish in the video posted on Twitter are available for download at