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How to play minesweeper on Android without downloading anything

Minesweeper Google Android

Nowadays, when we get bored, we have access to a huge selection of games on Android, through the Play Store. In the past, on our computers there was a game with which most of us have spent many hours. This is the minesweeper, the classic game, which we can now access from the phone. Although we do not need an app for it.

Since this time we can access the minesweeper on our Android phone in a really simple way. We will only need to use Google search in order to play this classic game, which now has a renewed appearance.

It's as simple as search ?minesweeper? using Google search in our browser on Android. In this way, we will already have this possibility. You will see that when looking for the name of the game, we get a blue button at the top of the results that says play. We just have to click on it to start.

Minesweeper Google

When we are in the game, we have the possibility to choose the difficulty we want. You can choose between easy, medium and difficult. So everyone can measure their level in this way. And then we are ready to start playing this classic game, whose operation has not changed.

We have to press on the tables on that board. When pressing, we will get numbers in these boxes. Its about number of mines with which this box is in contact. Therefore, the higher the number, the more mines around it. So we have to be careful locating these mines.

As you know, in minesweeper, if we find a mine, we have lost. So we have to be very careful in the game. Now, we can go back to Enjoy this minesweeper directly from the Google search engine. For those interested, it is also possible from the computer, if they prefer.

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