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How to make Android read us notifications if we go in the car


How to make Android read us notifications if we go in the car

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January 13, 2016

Audify Android car

GPS devices have been going to the background since smartphones and tablets They began to break into our lives. Currently, it is very common to carry a support in the car in which we place the mobile with Google Maps working and even with some other app sending music to the audio system via Bluetooth, which also helps us to start, if necessary, a conversation with the free hands.

Even so, for a huge number of users, the fundamental part of their conversations is carried out through different messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Telegram or Facebook Messenger or even by email, but in no case is it safe to start reading a conversation if we are at the wheel. With these two applications we can play in voice the content of the notifications without taking any risk.

First suggestion: Audify

Honestly this is my favorite option, although some users do not just convince them that after a period of use, a small amount must be paid to enjoy it. Anyway, sometimes good things come at a price, and if this tool is really going to make our lives easier, what are those 1.6 euros (in a single payment) that asks us for your unlimited service!

Here you have the download link, in principle, free:

Audify Notification Reader

Audify Notification Reader

As we say, the idea is to pass a trial period and if we find it useful, take advantage of the payment option. Personally, Audify I find it very interesting since it allows to select those apps whose notifications we want to receive in voice; simply by checking or unchecking them from the menu of setting.

On the other hand, it works with bluetooth, For the car; with headphones, in case we listen to music on the street or directly through the speakers from the terminal, if you catch us at home cooking or in a relaxing moment.

Second suggestion: Shouter

This second option is completely free, and although in Google Play have a higher grade than your competitor, we, in practice, see more shortcomings. On the one hand, it is completely in English and although it seems that you can select all apps of our terminal, when trying it has given us failures with any of them.

Anyway, the fundamental thing, that is the WhatsApp, seems to work without any complications and that is able to take the configuration in Spanish or other languageWe need our Android voice.