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How to activate the Google Maps speedometer

Google Maps, the Great G maps app, has been in existence for many years. And in all these years I had never had a speedometer. Many apps had appeared to put a speedometer on Google Maps. But for a few months we have a speedometer integrated in the application itself. But you may not have it activated, so if this is the case, we will show you how to activate it so you can see the speed at which you are driving along the road. Also since the radar detection was introduced, it is especially useful to take a quick look at where the radar is located, and at what speed you are going.

Doing so is very easy, you just have to follow the steps we will tell you and in a moment you will have it activated. So you can see your speed at all times, an option that is not bad to have, that is, be attentive or attentive to the road rather than the speed in Maps, which you also have in the car speedometer and you will have better visibility. But if you take a quick look at the maps, you can also check it out.

How to activate the speedometer in Maps

First of all, as you can intuit, open the Google Maps app. Once opened we will have to open the settings. To do this you will have to click on the button with three lines that we find in the upper left of the screen. There we will open a drop-down menu from the left. There we slide down until we find the optionSettingsand click on it.

google maps speedometer

Within these settings we will look for the option ofNavigation Settings.This option will be found almost at the end of the options, so we will have to make a small scroll down. Now within these navigation options we will look in the section ofDriving options the option ofSpeedometer.We make sure we have it activated. If this is not the case, we activate it by clicking on the "switch" on the right side of the text. This switch will turn blue when activated.

google maps speedometer

And it will be activated, it has no complications. Easy, right?