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How it works and how to set up "Start session with Apple"

Start session with Apple

Apple added a new feature in iOS 13 and iPadOS that may have been unnoticed but that over time we will begin to value. This new function is called ?Start session with Apple?, or "Sign in with Apple" in English, and allows us to identify in different applications without compromising our privacy.

Today it is very common to see in applications and on web pages the possibility of registering and identifying with our account of a social network like Facebook or Google. Now Apple has launched its own identification option that improve a lot in terms of privacy since we can protect ourselves from any type of advertising.

What is it and what benefits does ?Start session with Apple? have?

As we have already advanced, it is a new method of rapid identification in applications and web pages in which t control the data you want to share. Probably the best possible explanation is that shown by Apple itself:

Now you can log in to apps and websites with your Apple ID without filling out forms or creating new passwords. Simply touch Start Session with Apple, confirm that you are t with Face ID or Touch ID and you are already inside. Apps can only ask for your name and email address. And if you prefer, we can create a unique address and have the messages forwarded to your real account. We do not record your activity and you always have control of your data t.

Start session with Apple

As you can see one of the main advantages of ?Start session with Apple? is that you don't even have to use your own personal email, they can create one for you to make sure it doesn't reach you spam.

How is ?Start session with Apple? used?

The first thing you need to be able to use ?Start session with Apple? is an Apple ID, that is an Apple account. But you also need a couple of activated options for everything to work correctly:

  • Have activated the two-factor authentication on your Apple ID.
  • To have signed in to iCloud with this Apple ID on your Apple device.

If you meet these requirements you can already use "Start session with Apple" on websites and applications that have activated this service. At the moment there are not many, but Over the months they will increase. To use "Start session with Apple" just follow these steps:

  • Within a compatible app or web, you will see a new button that puts ?Continue with Apple?.
  • When you press it for the first time you will see a pop-up window with some of the security features Which incorporates.
  • If the app asks you for a name and an email, a new window will appear where you can edit them, although Automatically appear the ones you have in your Apple ID.
  • If you do not want to share your email you can select the option ?Hide my email?.
  • Click on Continue and Confirm with Face ID, Touch ID or the device code to log in.
  • If you are logging in from other platforms, send a verification code to one of your devices.

Start session with Apple

It is certainly a great news for users this new method that Apple has created and hopefully it will be extended to many applications and services. Privacy is something very important and with "Start session with Apple" is guaranteed.