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Hogwarts Mystery on Google Play

The Harry Potter game: Hogwards Mystery has completed the pre-registration and can be tested in beta from the Play Store itself, forgetting APK files.

But be careful, because although you can play Harry Potter: Hogwards Mystery is in beta and can give mistakes. Until now, you could play but by downloading an APK file. Now it is not necessary and you can enjoy the experience of being a Hogwarts wizard almost officially.

Download the Harry Potter game for Android in beta

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery! Now you can try it from the Play Store

We say "almost" since the process to do so is not just to go to the Play Store and download the game. First of all, we insist again that the game is in beta and therefore needs to be tested. To download it you have to follow a few steps.

To start, you will have to become in a beta tester, that is, a user who will try the game to give his impressions. You can do it from the link that we leave below, and thus have access to the Harry Potter beta: Hogwarts Mystery!

Then, you will have to go to the Play Store page of the game and You can download it without any problem. Being in beta, it is very possible that the pace of updates of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery! Be more accused than normal.

If on the other hand you prefer to wait to be able to play this game without errors, you can make a previous registration on that same page so that you are notified when the game is ready in a completely stable way.

As we anticipated, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery! It is a game with a lot of graphic quality that will get us transported to the magical world of the writer J.K Rowling, so this title is expected with great anticipation. Will you be able to reap a good success among the many existing games in the Play Store?