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Google Duo allows video calls with eight participants

Google Duo

Group video calls have become an essential feature in Google Duo. Although it is one of its most recent functions, it has been the focus of many improvements. It is again in its new update. Since from now it will be possible to have more participants in these calls using the application. Although it is not the only novelty that leave us with this new update of it.

This same week there was a leak in this regard. Luckily, we didn't have to wait too long until the Google Duo update was released. In it we find that the number of participants in group video calls has doubled.

So far there were four people who could be in a group video call in the app. Google Duo changes this in this new version, eight people now being able to Be in a video call. The operation has not changed anything compared to the original, only now we can add more people.

Google Duo group video calls

The function has already been confirmed by Google itself in its official blog. So users who have the app on their Android phone can enjoy it from now on, because the update has already been released. In addition, we find a couple of additional news.

On the one hand, Google Duo officially introduces data saving mode. You will be able to activate this function within the application settings. Thanks to it, it will be possible to reduce data consumption while using the app. A good function, because these types of apps usually consume a lot.

In addition, users will now be allowed record personalized video messages in the application. Adding text, emojis and drawings is something that can be used now in this type of videos. Without a doubt, they are news of interest, which could help Google Duo. Although the app is progressing slowly, so we'll see if Google continues to have patience with it.

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